Stargate 21.09.2
Release Date

Change log:

  • New Windows installer, can do a proper system install or a portable flash drive install
  • Many improvements to the plugin rack, too many to list, so you will just have to try it yourself
  • Many cosmetic fixes and improvements
  • Fonts: fixes and improvements
  • Improved performance and stability on Raspberry Pi 4, especially when using a 4k display (not that anybody else probably uses that setup)
  • Improved performance and stability at < 5ms audio device latency. As with all audio software, still heavily dependent on your CPU and audio device
  • Optional smoother playback animations, enabled automatically on fast PCs
  • Portable install: Store file browser bookmarks on the same drive letter as relative paths to the home folder so they will always work, even if the drive letter changes

Please note that the project is still unannounced, expect bugs. Please report any bugs in the issue tracker, we are eager to fix them and make this release rock-solid.

WINDOWS USERS: Windows Defender will try to scare you out of using the software with a silly Unknown Publisher, could be a virus warning. To make this go away,I have to pay a lot of money every year to a Microsoft "partner", as well as send them pictures of my identification, proof of address, and otherwise have my privacy thoroughly invaded. I don't mind paying the money, but I value my privacy. Please ignore Windows (profit) Defender, or else switch to Linux. I may reconsider paying the fee later.