Release Date


  • Show indicator if region is looped
  • Handle audio editor in editor event viewer
  • Make event viewer columns reorderable
  • Allow clamping to nearest acceptable position when moving region markers
  • Show velocity values during UI actions
  • Draw horizontal lines in velocity editor


  • Update Arabic, Thai, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Russian translations
  • Only show 1 decimal point for positions in event viewers
  • Split regions normally (destructively) if not looped
  • Only allow merging unlooped regions
  • Make vertical range selection space in timeline smaller
  • Do not throw error if waveform vidget does not have R channel data to draw
  • Change env variable from NO_SCAN_PLUGINS to ZRYTHM_SKIP_PLUGIN_SCAN
  • Do not reallocate memory for all ports when changing block length
  • Make drum mode a per-track setting instead of per-project


  • Fix sort by position/pitch/velocity in event viewers using alphabetical sort instead of int/position sort
  • Fix UI not being refreshed when ramping velocities
  • Fix error when merging regions
  • Fix error when saving after undoing a region split
  • Fix error when loading project after redoing a region split
  • Fix audio files in pool sometimes being overwritten by other files
  • Fix crash when renaming a track that has children routed to it
  • Fix invalid memory usage in event viewer
  • Fix error when loop-resizing audio regions from the left side
  • Fix occasional meter-related segfault on startup
  • Fix crash when moving playhead with snap keep offset enabled
  • Fix snap keep offset not snapping to nearest snap point
  • Fix attempting to open DSSI and LADSPA plugins without carla


  • Remove invalid check when duplicating audio regions
  • Remove some unused files and dead code