Alpha 15
Release Date


  • For Windows and Mac users, download the installer from the Assets section at the bottom of the release notes.
  • For Ubuntu users, this release can be installed from the stable builds PPA.


  • Many behavior changes to improve the workflow of editing symbols such as tempo markers (#23, #192, #220).
    • These items can now be clicked on and selected, and Delete can then be pressed to remove the selected item.
    • Double-clicking an item will now launch the edit dialog. Previously, it was required to remove and then re-create the item.
  • New preferences option to enable playing notes as they are entered (#47).
  • New menu item Help -> App Info which contains information about the installation. This can be useful to include when reporting bugs (#329)


  • On macOS, the Delete key can now be used to remove notes rather than having to press Fn+Delete.
  • The MIDI device is now initialized in the background, which should avoid some lag the first time playback is activated (#47).
  • Qt 5.10 or higher is now required.


  • Fixed a MIDI playback bug where adjacent repeated sections resulted in an empty bar being played (#289).
  • Fixed a bug where the score's existing subtitle did not show up when opening the file information dialog.
  • Fixed a bug where multi-bar rests were not drawn as a filled rectangle.
  • Fixed a bug where the pan controls in the mixer had no effect (#276).
  • Fixed a rare error when importing .ptb files (#332).


Thanks to the following contributors who worked on this release: