Release Date


  • Add meson option for native build
  • Add dots to position/BPM displays
  • Add Indonesian translation
  • Add graph SVG export
  • Record incoming MIDI CC events into automation lanes
  • Add ability to change instrument
  • Add ability to save/load presets from plugin inspector
  • Show port groups in plugin inspector
  • Add ability to perform multiple undoable actions in sequence
  • Add ability to change direct out for multiple tracks (and to create a new group to route to)
  • Add folder tracks


  • Enable link time optimization (LTO) by default
  • Draw even less detail on audio regions when CPU usage is above 40%
  • Update French, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Ukrainian translations
  • Make group tracks foldable
  • Silence unnecessary MIDI event logs
  • Do not attempt to free swh lv2 plugins (upstream issue)


  • Fix channel sends being outside pre-fader group in graph exports
  • Fix various issues on MacOS
  • Fix missing libm dependency on lv2apply used during tests
  • Fix error when loading project with duplicated audio region
  • Fix multiple tracks losing their order when moved
  • Fix incorrectly allowing 0 tracks to be selected when ctrl-clicking on track
  • Fix default loop range being 5 bars long instead of 4 bars
  • Fix memory leak in track processors
  • Fix crash when setting listen status on MIDI track