Release Date


  • For Windows and Mac users, download the installer from the Assets section at the bottom of the release notes.
  • For Linux users, a Snap package and Flatpak package are now available.


  • Added support for tremolo bars (#8).
  • .pt2 files are now 3-4x smaller in file size.
  • The Windows installer has been revamped. It is recommended to first uninstall the existing version before upgrading.
  • For Linux users, the application can now be easily installed as a Snap package (
  • The macOS installers are now signed and notarized. This resolves the "developer cannot be verified" warnings when running for the first time.
  • The application can now be translated into other languages.


  • Removed dependency on boost::filesystem. Instead, std::filesystem (C++17) is now used. See the README for updated build instructions.
  • Removed dependency on RapidJSON with nlohmann-json. See the README for updated build instructions.


  • Fixed an issue where stopping MIDI playback while a "let ring" was active could incorrectly keep the "let ring" active when restarting playback from the beginning (#337).
  • Fixed a bug where the mixer's volume settings could be ignored when starting MIDI playback partway through the score (#335).
  • Fixed an issue where the score's title could be scaled incorrectly when printed (#338).
  • Fixed potential crashes on exit when the tuning dictionary failed to load (#342).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause player changes to be incorrect created from .ptb files. This could lead to later issues with MIDI playback.
  • Fixed issues where .ptb files containing multiple text items at the same position did not import correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in the score polisher that could multiple notes to end up at the same position. This could lead to later issues with editing and MIDI playback.
  • Improvements for how the first barline in a system is rendered (#2).


Thanks to the following contributors who worked on this release: