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Drumstick Libraries 2.7.0

Drumstick is a set of MIDI libraries using C++/Qt idioms and style. Includes a C++ wrapper around the ALSA library sequencer interface: ALSA sequencer provides software support for MIDI technology on Linux. A complementary library provides classes for processing SMF (Standard MIDI files: .MID/.KAR), RIFF MIDI (.RMI), and Cakewalk (.WRK) file formats. A multiplatform realtime MIDI I/O library and a GUI Widgets libraries are also provided for Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX.

Changes in v2.7.0:

  • ticket #44: removed sonivox library sources from the source tree.
    New option USE_SONIVOX to let the user decide to build the sonivox eas synth plugin or not.
    Using find_package(sonivox) to integrate the sonivox library as an external dependency: .

  • ticket #43: Drumstick::RT dummy plugins now include its own configuration dialogs.
    Drumstick::Widgets include support for these dialogs, implemented in the already existing functions of <drumstick/configurationdialogs.h>

  • ticket #42: Drumstick::Widgets - fixed piano designer plugin to show more properties.
    Added: labelFont and startKey properties.
    Fixed: showLabels, alterations, labelOrientation, labelOctave properties.
    New public methods: setStartKey(), setOctaveSubscript(), octaveSubscript().

  • ticket #41 Drumstick::Widgets: Option to use subscript octave designation.

  • Drumstick::ALSA registering SequencerEvent with qMetaType.

  • Drumstick::RT FluidSynth plugin:
    Default windows audio driver is now wasapi. Fixed pulseaudio settings.
    Files and classes renamed with more specific names.
    Support channel pressure and key pressure MIDI events.
    Revised configuration dialog to reflect the changes in fluidsynth 2.2.8 .

  • Utils: vpiano uses the subscript octave designation option.
    New error message citing the DRUMSTICKRT environment variable.
    dumpmid: small revision.

Compilation minimum requirements for all platforms:

  • C++11 compiler
  • CMake 3.14
  • Qt5 >= 5.9 or Qt6 >= 6.2 (with Qt6Core5Compat library dependency for Drumstick::File)

Feature dependencies (for some platforms):

  • ALSA (Linux only)
  • PulseAudio (Unix)
  • D-Bus (Unix)
  • Sonivox (Unix)
  • FluidSynth (All platforms)

Copyright (C) 2009-2022, Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas
License: GPL v3 or later

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