Release Date

Another large release, with many UI/UX improvements, performance improvements, bugfixes, and a few new objects.

NOTE: The way plugdata saves inside a DAW project has changes. If your patch is saved to a file, plugdata will load the patch from that file upon reopening a project. If your patch is not saved to a file, it will store the patch content inside the DAW project, as it did previously. The reason for this, is that loading patches from file allows you to put abstractions inside the same folder, which caused issues before.

Most importantly:

  • Infinite canvas: you can now scroll everywhere no matter where your objects are
  • Plugin mode: In plugin mode, your patch will display without showing any of plugdata's GUI.
  • plugdata-ofelia is an experimental plugdata port of the ofelia graphics externals. It only works inside standalone at the moment.
  • New objects:
    • [else/knob] object is a rotary knob, also available in ELSE rc8
    • [else/note] finally works in plugdata
    • [else/filterdelay~] delay unit that goes thgouh a resonant lowpass filter, a soft clipper and a DC filter
  • Performance improvements:
    • Improved GUI drawing performance
    • Faster startup time
    • Lower idle CPU usage
    • Lower overhead on patches that have a lot of fast messages
  • UI/UX improvements:
    • Edit/Lock/present is now a 3-way toggle, centred in the toolbar
    • New tabbar design
    • New sidebar design
    • New overlay menu to customise which overlays are shown in which modes, also added new overlays like connection index and direction
    • Improved grid settings design
    • Added hover colour to toolbar buttons
    • Fixed many small layouting problems
    • Replaced some old icons
    • Auto-expanding scrollbars
    • Optional macOS-style titlebar buttons
    • Can now drag tabs into split-view
    • Recently opened patches appear on start screen now
    • Improved default colour schemes
    • New and improved colour picker
  • Palette bar: A new sidebar which allows you to create persistent patches that you can drag-and-drop from into your opened patch
    • We're still planning to redesign and simplify the pallette bar in the future
  • Plugin version now ships with presets:

And some smaller stuff:

  • Added global scale option
  • Improved stability of plugin version
  • Fixed some objects like [mouse], [key] not working inside non-GOP subpatchers
  • Updated to ELSE-rc8
  • Improved live-debugging connection cords
  • Zooming is smoother now
  • Fixed jiggle on some connections
  • Fixed keyboard shortcut defaults for AZERTY keyboards
  • Fixed listbox min/max values
  • Fixed some object text moving when opening editor
  • Implemented text editors for qlist and textfile
  • Moved help/reference up in right-click menu
  • Made only top-left part of [cnv] clickable
  • Fixed scrolling in object text editors
  • Bugfixes for [keyboard]
  • Fixed graph on parent mouse click issues
  • Added more colours to customise
  • Fixed missing properties on else/knob
  • Fixed zl.* objects not working in DAW
  • Fixed various threading bugs
  • Fixed crash when helpfiles are not found
  • Added "reveal in finder/explorer/file browser" to tab right-click menu
  • Fixed some object properties not updating inside a graph
  • And I'm probably still forgetting a whole bunch!

Big thanks to @alcomposer @tomara-x and @Nejrup for helping me out with this release!