3.6 Alpha
Release Date

November 16, 2020


  • Added the new default notation fonts "Leland"
  • Added the new default text font "Edwin"
  • Added a new dialog that suggests trying out the new engraving defaults
  • Added automatic score ordering and bracketing
  • Added automatic vertical justification of staves
  • Added Mountain Dulcimer instrument and 3-string tab presets
  • Added portamento for FLUID synthesiser
  • Added Petaluma notation font
  • Added mnemonics for "Save", "Save As" and "Resource Manager"


  • Updated Bravura notation font to version 1.39
  • Extended the set of accidentals
  • Implemented a third stroke style for minim-based two-note tremolos
  • Added extended fermata symbols to MusicXML I/O
  • Updated SMuFL to the latest version 1.3
  • Added support for triple sharp and triple flat
  • Replaced the accidentals from Emmentaler with improved ones from Parnassus
  • Added an indication of sounding pitch if the global concert pitch toggle is off and the current instrument has an actual pitch
  • Added heavy, reverse end and heavy double barlines
  • Added Sicilian translation
  • The Edit Style dialog is no longer modal: the score can now be traversed while the dialog is open
  • Added an alternative choice of “To Coda”
  • Added a harmony duration interpretation
  • MacOS window title bars now update according to the selected theme in MuseScore
  • Added an automatic change of theme in MuseScore according to the MacOS dark/light mode setting
  • The width of accidental symbols in the font is now honoured during drawing


  • Fixed an issue when toggling between clefs of unpitched and pitched instruments, which led to a crash
  • Fixed an issue where pressing Enter in the Score Properties dialog applies to the "New…" button rather than the "OK" button
  • Fixed a crash when deleting header/footer text after hiding
  • Fixed an issue where removing tuplets after inserting measures caused corruption/crash
  • Reduced useless whitespace in JSON files
  • Disabled auto collision avoidance for rests which do not have auto-placement enabled
  • Fixed an issue where rests cannot be merged together when the measure has 3 or 4 voices
  • Fixed an issue with the "Flatten all Beams" setting being ignored on score reload
  • Fixed an issue where voice-1 rests collide with voice-3 rhythm slashes
  • Fixed an issue where C time signature does not update
  • Fixed an issue with readability of the tempo field by screen readers
  • Fixed a palette search shortcut functionality issue
  • Fixed an issue with missing space between the key signature and the first note when the time signature is hidden
  • Fixed a freeze when a tie has the same start and end note
  • Fixed a crash when deleting or changing a time signature in a multi-measure rest
  • Fixed an issue with import of MusicXML files from the new version of Finale
  • Fixed an incorrect tuplet calculation on a two-note tremolo
  • Removed support for the "place at middle of stem" option for single-note tremolos
  • Fixed an issue where duplication of voltas leads to following voltas being ignored
  • Fixed an issue with MusicXML import of changed transpositions
  • Fixed an issue where hairpin export stops halfway