3.6 Private Beta
Release Date

November 30, 2020


  • Redesigned the score migration dialog and the algorithm for applying new styles
  • Improved the vertical staff justification algorithm
  • First system indentation now takes the maximum of the length of the instruments labels and the style parameter
  • Added a support of measure number interval at multi-measure rests
  • Improved the recognition of instruments when loading a pre-3.6 score
  • Altered default canvas background colour
  • Improved functionality and appearance of 'Add Palettes' button
  • Implemented a new "Export" dialog
  • Improved the score symbols appearance


  • Fixed a bug preventing generation of square braces for an instrument with multiple staves.
  • Fixed an issue where style dialog loses setting of chord symbol radio buttons
  • Fixed an issue with measure numbers not showing when first staff is cut away
  • Fixed an issue where ledger lines only showed correctly when staff line spacing set to 0.5 increments (i.e 1.5, 2.0, etc.)
  • Fixed an issue with image resize not correctly honouring aspect ratio
  • Fixed an issue with "Select Similar Beat" command not working with shortened measures
  • Fixed an issue where glissandos collide with double-digit start fretmarks
  • Fixed glissando and portamento playback
  • Enabled selection of text using the mouse in Palettes search field
  • Adjusted the "Range-transpose" shortcuts
  • Adjusted the appearance of dotted lines
  • Staff visibility changes are now allowed mid-score
  • Fixed an issue with the appearance of additive time signatures
  • Fixed an issue where Mandolin unintentionally has a Grand Piano sound
  • Expanded the list of special characters in "Special characters -> Common Symbols"
  • Jump at Volta End no longer skips last measure
  • Fixed a crash when switching instruments from an instrument with tabulature