Release Date

How quickly a year passes. This release contains mainly a number of bug fixes and
quality of life improvements.

Condensed list of changes since 4.0:

  • New submenus for Favorites and Recently used synths
  • New: Custom themes (*.qss files) can be added to the HOME themes directory,
  • New #999: Midi editors: Play events when dragged with keyboard.
  • Instrument definition files for Edirol-SD90 and Roland SC55mkII
  • Metronome: Added possibilty to load metronome samples from local path
  • LV2: Support loadDefaultState feature.
  • Fix #1037: Time stretching/shrinking for midi/drum parts.
  • Fix #1050: bug in script execution causing controllers to be reset
  • Fix #1028: Make effects rack 'move up/down' synchronized and real-time friendly.
  • Fix #1002: Remove initial focus from mixer volume boxes. Fixes Smart Focus problems.
  • Fix #1021: Copying synth track does not copy synth controllers.
  • Fix #1021: Copying synth track does not copy volume, pan.
  • Fix #1002 space stops working when opening mixer
  • Fix #1003: Drum editor: Mouse drag event copy not working.
  • Fix #998: Add dedicated keyboard shortcut for deleting tracks in Arranger.
  • Fix #652: MMC fastforward/rewind functionality
  • Fix #779: Missing notes if too close together. Broken 29.06.2019.
  • Fix #986: Crash in lv2 plugins when removed while native GUI is open.

For the complete list of changes see:

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