Release Date

Change log

WARNING: to get the source version

  • be sure to download the faust-2.27.2.tar.gz file to get a complete source folder (in particular, with all the libraries)


  • add -ct and -cat options
  • add -llvm option in faust2juce
  • new faust2object tool to compile several CPU specific versions of the code (using C++ or LLVM backends)
  • add OBOE audio driver for Android
  • experimental up/down sampling C++ DSP wrappers
  • possibility to have specific definitions according to the floating point precision option
  • add -jucemodulesdiroption to faust2juce
  • improve inter-tracer
  • add -single option in faust2max6
  • add scrolling in GTKUI
  • add MIR support in interp/comp mixed mode
  • new -gramophone option in faust2esp32
  • new faust2w64vst tool
  • implement isnan/isinf in non C/C++ backends
  • improve SOUL backend (now passing almost all impulse-tests) and tools
  • make -uim option generate a FAUST_CLASS_NAME string
  • add attribute handling in faust2max6
  • added mi.lib examples
  • FAUST_LIST_ACTIVES/FAUST_LIST_PASSIVES macros generated in -uim mode
  • reworked Rust backend, now passing all impulse-tests
  • add buildUserInterface method in DspFaust class (faust2api)
  • add -soundfile option in faust2jackconsole
  • add log/exp scale handling in MidiUI
  • special BS variable handling in FIR
  • add -dlt size option in scalar mode, remove obsolete -lt option
  • add -us/-ds/-filter parameters to faust2max6/faust2msp
  • add a normalisation rule 'abs(abs(x)) = abs(x)'
  • add -control option in faustbench-llvm
  • primitive 'enable/control' working with -occp backend and scalar mode
  • add 'float -> int' cast out-of-range detection in Interp backend.
  • add 'enable/control' in FIR scalar mode
  • add -source option to faustbench
  • add -bs option to soul-faust-tester and faustbench-llvm
  • add MIDI architecture file for iPlug project
  • new -mapp option
  • support for LLVM 10 (with compiled version in the OSX and Windows binaries)


Fixed bugs

  • fixes in C libfaust API
  • fixes in faust2esp32
  • fixes in faust2webaudiowast/faust2webaudiowasm/faust2wasm scripts the compiler now refuses to compile DSP code that cause several identical UI paths (like /foo/bar/ui_item) to be produced, since identical paths cannot be distinguished when controlled with OSC for instance
  • correct MIDI synch messages handling
  • correct controllers save/restore in JUCE architecture
  • missing loop dependencies fixed in -vec mode
  • fixes in faust2unity
  • improved JuceReader class
  • correct code generation for << and >> operators
  • fixes in rdtable/rwtable code generation
  • correct Csound architecture
  • fix openFrameworks audio driver
  • fixes in faust2lv2
  • correct 'dump' behaviour in Max/MSP and faustgen~ architectures to output [path cur min max]
  • fix select/if cond generation in LLVM and wast/wasm backends
  • enable AudioUnit's input only when inputs > 0 in coreaudio-ios-dsp.h
  • fixes in faust2png

Libraries change log

  • new platform.lib that contains platform specific value of SR and tablesize values (to be possibly changed on embedded platforms)
  • runtime.lin file removed and code moved to interpolators.lib
  • new version.lib
  • correct os.lf_sawpos
  • correct ma.isnan/isinf definitions
  • rework crosses in route.lib
  • fixes in hoa.lib
  • new os.hsp_phasor
  • new ma.zc, an.abs_envelope, an.abs_envelope_rect, an.ms_envelope, an.ms_envelope_rect, an.rms_envelope, an.rms_envelope_rect
  • correct os.quadosc
  • updated mi.lib
  • added averaging functions in maths.lib
  • added amp envelope functions in analyzers.lib
  • rework lookahead limiters
  • added zero-crossing rate function
  • CZ oscillators: refactor and add phase aligned versions