Release Date


  • PICARD-1858 - MusicBrainz Picard does not respond on macOS 11 Big Sur Beta
  • PICARD-1882 - Scripting text not well readable with dark theme on KDE
  • PICARD-1888 - Returning tracks to cluster uses matched release rather than what's in the files
  • PICARD-1932 - Failed AcoustID submission shows as successful
  • PICARD-1939 - Crash when "Remove" button is hit without picking a file first
  • PICARD-1941 - Unchanged multi-value tags on tracks show up as changed
  • PICARD-1954 - Right-clicking on album with "could not load album" message crashes
  • PICARD-1956 - It is possible to have the same file multiple times inside the same cluster
  • PICARD-1961 - Capitalization for non-standardized instruments
  • PICARD-1963 - Possible stack overflow when loading files
  • PICARD-1964 - Scripting documentation does not support RTL languages
  • PICARD-1969 - Browser integration port changes without saving options
  • PICARD-1971 - Tags from file names dialog does not restore window size

New Features

  • PICARD-259 - Make file-specific variables and metadata available to tagger script
  • PICARD-534 - Support SOCKS proxy
  • PICARD-1908 - Allow loading release group URLs / MBIDs
  • PICARD-1942 - Display tracklist in Info dialog for loaded releases
  • PICARD-1946 - Map "vocal arranger" rel to arranger tag


  • PICARD-1390 - Apply a network timeout to avoid network requests hanging indefinitely
  • PICARD-1782 - Allow locking table headers to prevent accidental resorting
  • PICARD-1879 - When dragging tracks onto a release add those tracks sequentially
  • PICARD-1906 - Clarify uninstall message in Windows installer
  • PICARD-1936 - Rename the "Whitelist" cover art provider to "Allowed Cover Art URLs"
  • PICARD-1937 - Add context menu entry to cover art box to browse for local file
  • PICARD-1938 - Add context menu option to load files / folders from file browser
  • PICARD-1951 - Avoid complete hiding of metadata box or file panes
  • PICARD-1952 - Allow using native Qt styles on Linux
  • PICARD-1955 - Use built-in search by default for new installs
  • PICARD-1957 - Load files in file browser on double click
  • PICARD-1958 - macOS: Offer link to Applications folder in disk image
  • PICARD-1959 - In disc ID dialog rename "Lookup in Browser" to "Submit disc ID"
  • PICARD-1960 - Allow adding new items in list editor views using Insert key
  • PICARD-1965 - Allow opening fingerprinting options in AcoustID missing API key dialog


  • PICARD-1929 - Make NSIS installer translations available on Transifex