Release Date

February 08, 2021


  • Fixed an issue with gap between staff and final barline with courtesy clef
  • Fixed an issue when removing spanners from measures outside of the rewrite range
  • Fixed an accessibility issue with the score migration dialog
  • Fixed a crash related to QtWebEngineProcess after update
  • Fixed an issue with timeline showing part name rather than instrument name
  • Fixed an issue with focus of dockable windows when visibility is toggled
  • Fixed an issue where custom gliss text reverts to default "gliss"
  • Added missing Fl├╝gelhorns to instrument ordering definitions
  • Fixed an issue where beams cannot be connected over quarter rests
  • Fixed an issue where staff spacers do not work on last system of page
  • Fixed an issue with broken swapping of notes/chords with Shift + Left/Right
  • Fixed an issue with incomplete import from ScoreScan XML file
  • Fixed an issue with unsaved default settings to pre-3.6 score after 'reset styles to default'
  • Fixed an issue with Banjo fifth string fret numbers
  • Fixed an issue where invisible breath marks impact layout
  • Fixed a crash during the opening of a score with a missing section break
  • Applying tremolo is now a toggle operation
  • Fixed an issue where the Mixer panel is not fully shown when opened
  • Fixed an issue where an empty rehearsal mark is not deleted after entering a system break
  • Fixed an issue where multi-measure rest numbers can collide with other elements
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a breath/caesura leads to the wrong note being selected
  • Fixed an issue when parts inherit non-default style from score
  • Fixed a crash when changing time signature at the beginning of a corrupted measure
  • Fixed an issue with unreadable chord symbols
  • Updated the close icon for Import Midi Panel (and Find/GoTo)
  • Fixed an issue with auto-sizing of vertical frames when dragging the height handle