Release Date


  • PICARD-2016 - AcoustID API Key is not stripped
  • PICARD-2017 - Picard crashes when removing entries on the right side while loading
  • PICARD-2019 - Saving tracks to SMB share on Windows 10 results in ever more nested folders
  • PICARD-2020 - Multi-value album or recording ID tags prevent Picard from loading the proper albums
  • PICARD-2021 - SameFileError when moving files between network path and local path on Windows
  • PICARD-2022 - Crash accessing network share without access rights on Windows
  • PICARD-2023 - Appdata file not generated on non-Linux platforms
  • PICARD-2028 - Deleting albums and saving files is extremely slow
  • PICARD-2031 - Scripting documentation link 404
  • PICARD-2036 - MultiMetadataProxy::pop is not flagged as a WRITE_METHOD; this breaks the "keep" plugin
  • PICARD-2037 - Improve Info/Error tab readability
  • PICARD-2045 - After fingerprint, unsaved tracks have green tick
  • PICARD-2050 - File selector pane jumps around horizontally instead of expanding / collapsing the folder
  • PICARD-2056 - Interface color changes are not saved
  • PICARD-2058 - Add File dialog does not show files with uppercase extension on case-sensitive file systems
  • PICARD-2059 - Scripting Documentation shows extra line for each function
  • PICARD-2062 - Searching for similar tracks can remove current album even if there are unmatched tracks
  • PICARD-2064 - Cluster shows empty album column


  • PICARD-2034 - Add context menu entry for copy and paste to metadata view
  • PICARD-2035 - More verbose tooltip for album error icon
  • PICARD-2038 - Integrate metadata box clipboard with system clipboard
  • PICARD-2039 - Unify error handling for albums, non-album tracks and files, show errors in info dialog
  • PICARD-2044 - Add date and originaldate fields to the choice of columns in the list views
  • PICARD-2046 - AcoustID submission can fail due to body size limit of AcoustID server
  • PICARD-2047 - Improve contrast for console text in dark mode
  • PICARD-2057 - Allow showing all files in Add Files dialog
  • PICARD-2063 - Add an option to disable automatic horizontal scrolling in file browser