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Zrythm 1.0.0-alpha.5.0.1 has been released!

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Download it here or view the whole changelog.


  • Write audio files during recording (every 2 sec)
  • F1 shortcut to open manual
  • F2 shortcut to rename regions
  • Add vertical flip action for automation
  • Add menu option to reset plugin parameter values
  • Add option to show automation values in automation editor
  • Show border around selected UI section


  • Split graph cycle at loop points
  • Update Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Norwegian, Greek, French, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Galician, Polish translations
  • Remember tab selection in bot/left/right panels
  • Update editor toolbar based on region type
  • User manual: various updates
  • Change deselect all shortcut from ctrl-backslash to ctrl-shift-a
  • Show region name instead of track name in editor margin
  • Update some icons (select, audition, sends, inserts, etc.)


  • Fix chord pad not updating when a chord changes
  • Fix select/deselect all actions not working
  • Fix track not shown as selected in the tracklist when clicking on it in the mixer
  • Fix critical error when moving track with automation
  • Fix other regions not drawn in editor ruler when automation region selected
  • Fix broken MIDI track inspector page on project load
  • Fix chord pad remaining pressed during drag n drop
  • Fix clip editor region’s automation track index not being updated when switching automation lanes
  • Fix/refactor copy-paste of arranger selections
  • Fix crash when muting MIDI region
  • Fix not being able to re-select a track’s send target after selecting None
  • Fix crash during recording when loop traverses back
  • Fix crash when splitting chord region
  • Fix SFZ/SF2 support
  • Fix MIDI note getting skipped when traversing transport loop end
  • Fix crash when deleting a region with erase mode


  • Remove bottom arranger from automation editor

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