Release Date
  • handle audio packets received out of order, coded by softins (#619)

  • most recently connected users appear on the RH side on the fader panel (#673)

  • improvements for the server multithreading, coded by kraney (#653)

  • removed Display Channel Levels setting and --servername (#638)

  • removed support for further server infos in --serverinfo since the preferred
    way of registering a server is to do it using the protocol messages (#638)

  • removed -g, --pingservers since all Central servers must activate this function,
    now it is activated by default and no command line argument is needed (#638)

  • added --mutemyown command line argument to mute my own signal in my personal mix,
    only supported in headless client mode (#340)

  • added "Mountain Dulcimer" instrument icon, created by dora71 (#649)

  • added new instrument icons for "Scratching" and "Rapping"

  • replaced double types by floats for some of the signal processing, coded by hselasky (#544)

  • support permanent channl fader sorting (i.e., not only on request but always) (#666)

  • support sorting faders by channel city

  • if sorting the faders by instrument, we now sort by the name for the same instruments

  • improvements to the Android audio interface, coded by j-santander (#83)

  • bug fix: reduced server list is displayed instead of the normal list (#657)