<p><a href="http://download.drobilla.net/ganv-1.6.0.tar.bz2">Ganv 1.6.0</a> has been released. Ganv is an interactive Gtk canvas widget for graph-based interfaces (patchers, modular synthesizers, finite state automata, interactive graphs, etc). For more information, see <a href="http://drobilla.net/software/ganv">http://drobilla.net/software/ganv</a…;
<li>Add API to specify module port order.</li>
<li>Add support for PDF and PS export.</li>
<li>Add support for beveled box corners.</li>
<li>Add support for edges that do not constrain the layout.</li>
<li>Dampen sprung layout energy over time to prevent oscillation.</li>
<li>Distinguish edge color from port color slighly.</li>
<li>Fix compilation with --no-fdgl (patch from Vlad Glagolev).</li>
<li>Fix crash when destroying canvas.</li>
<li>Fix port position on modules with embedded widgets.</li>
<li>Fix positioning of embedded widgets when changing layout.</li>
<li>Fix size of vertical flow modules.</li>
<li>Fix unexpected node jumping when dragging new connections.</li>
<li>Fix various minor visual alignment/sizing issues.</li>
<li>Highlight connected edges on port hover.</li>
<li>Improve appearance of graphs with circle nodes.</li>
<li>Improve text rendering at high zoom.</li>
<li>Improve update performance.</li>
<li>Preserve selection for quickly making several connections.</li>
<li>Upgrade to waf 2.0.19</li>