JamTaba 2 is a software to play online music jam sessions. At moment you can use JamTaba to play with musicians around the world using ninjam servers.

JamTaba can be used as a standalone software, VST (Windows) or AU (Mac OSX) plugin. Using the standalone version you can use your camera, audio and MIDI devices and load VST/AU plugins inside JamTaba (JamTaba standalone is a VST/AU host). Using the VST/AU plugin you can use JamTaba in your preferred DAW and send your audio/video to JamTaba, and Jamtaba will stream these contents to ninjam servers. Off course JamTaba will receive and play the other musicians audio/video streams, so you can play with others and have some fun playing online!

Software type
VST2 plugin
VST3 plugin
AU plugin
Software features
Audio input
Audio mixing
Net jamming
JamTaba team

Recent releases Release Date
JamTaba 2.1.16 20 Dec '20
JamTaba 2.1.16-beta 30 Aug '20
JamTaba 2.1.15 30 Jun '20
JamTaba 2.1.15-beta3 27 Jun '20
JamTaba 2.1.14 22 May '20
JamTaba 2.1.13 30 Apr '20
JamTaba 2.1.12 26 Apr '20
JamTaba 2.1.11 11 Apr '20
JamTaba 2.1.10 31 Mar '20
JamTaba 2.1.9 21 Mar '20