Release Date


Selected fixes/modifications/additions

  • Updating Rack export to work with the latest version of VCV Rack
  • Fixed issues with presets and WidgetArray
  • fixed issue passing macros from Cabbage to Csound (requires the latest beta build of Csound 6.14)
  • Added support for .orc syntax highlighting
  • updated 'save-as', it now opens a new tab rather than replace the existing one
  • Added default routing for multi-channel instruments. Cabbage will try to connect each output to a corresponding device output.
  • Updated JUCE to version 5.4.4
  • Enable Mic-input for new versions of MacOS
  • Fixed issue with the wrong preset name appearing after reopening a plugin GUI
  • Finally got to the bottom of the sample rate change issues - all channels are now reinitialised after a SR change